If you decide to buy a kitten in our cattery, please read the conditions of obtaining:


Buy or reserve an animal in  Butterflies SPHYNX Cattery is considered equivalent to signing the agreement with the terms established herein.

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                                                              TERMS of SALE Butterflies Sphynx Cattery



1 - The reservation of the cat is effective as from the moment that 50% of the value of the agreed transfer price is          paid.


2 - Once the cat is chosen and reserved the amount of the reservation is no longer refundable.


3 - The payment of the remaining 50% must be done within one month after the date of reservation. 4- This animal is    a BREED / SHOU quality and sold for reproduction .


        A- This specimen can be paired with cats that are registered by the buyer in the feline club, inside your closed-                type cattery. It is strictly prohibited to match it with cats from any other breed of the other breeding                            grounds.

       C- After the breeding program at the buyer´s cattery  the can be sold or given away , but only after castration /                sterilization (The photos / videos of the castrated animal must be sent to Tetyana Dovgalyova, to the                            following e-mail address: sphynx.tv@hotmail.com )


       B – Should there be any infringement of point A and point B , the buyer will have to compensate the breeder                    with an economic amount that will be equal to the price of the animal that was bought at Butterflies nursery              within one  month after the case has occurred.


5 - All kittens sold as pets must be castrated by the owner or buyer before their delivery to their new homes.              

   Should there be any infringement , the buyer will have to compensate the breeder with an economic amount that      will be equal to the price of the animal that was bought at Butterflies nursery within one month after the case has      occurred.

6 - The descendants of this cat cannot be sold with the rights for reproduction to Spain, Russia , Ukraine  Belarus          ( C.I.S. countries ) Should there be any infringement  the buyer will have to compensate the breeder with an                economic amount that will be equal to the price of the animal that was bought at Butterflies nursery within one        month after the case has occurred.

7 - Before the delivery of an animal acquired at Butterflies breeder, the buyer can ask for any proof of the infectious      diseases and viral  for the animal as long as the buyer assumes the associated costs for these tests. The tests must      be made within 15 working days before delivery. If the buyer does not use his right to carry out the tests, the              future claims on the health of the animal will be discarded.

8 - The seller delivers the cat in optimum health conditions with the corresponding vaccines (Virbac triple virica          vaccine) deworming, with FEL FIF test and proof of good health signed by an official veterinarian.

9 - When acquiring the animal, the purchaser needs to be aware that the Canadian Sphynx breed is a breed of cat of      short hair and not without hair. The nude condition of a Canadian Sphynx depends on many factors, where                  hormonal, climate and genetics play an important role. The buyer cannot guarantee that the Canadian Sphynx cat      will not grow hair in the future.


10 - Butterflies Sphynx is not responsible for the loss of quality of the specimen acquired once it enters the buyer's        hatchery. The condition valuation will be done when signing the agreement.


11 - The seller would rather deliver the cat personally, so if the buyer decides that the cat is to be sent by a transport    company or courier, Butterflies Sphynx will not be responsible for damages or negligence to the animal during            this delivery process.



12 - The kittens are delivered when they get four months of age. Animals that are older than four months must be          delivered within 2 weeks of purchase. If the buyer does not pick up the cat on the agreed date, 25€ per extra                week will be invoiced as a fee for the cat´s mainteinance.

13 - The buyer declares to be aware that cats of the Canadian Sphynx breed do not have a strong immunity by their        nature (they may be carriers of calisivirus, rhinotracheitis, coronavirus, chlamydia, mycoplasmosis, etc.) and              must assume that, based on the stress caused by travel and habitat change is likely that they have a lowering of          defenses. The buyer agrees not to make a claim on the health of this animal and to give him help in case of                  necessity under the direction of the breeder of the animal.


14 - It is mandatory to keep the purchased specimen under a 21-day quarantine.


15 - The parents of the Butterflies Sphynx hatchery are HCM-free.

   The breeder guarantees the replacement of the animal in the event of a positive HCM diagnosis. At the age of one      year, before the first layer must be tested. HCM is a complex disease, the set of factors can be hereditary                      pathologies, viral diseases, feeding deficiency (lack of taurine) can participate in the development of a heart              disease. In case of detection of HCM the owner is obliged to inform the seller.


       A - The tests must be done in the main official clinics with international recognition by a specialist.

       B - The second test of HCM is to be performed in Madrid (City of Butterflies breeding) after six months of the                    first test.

       C - In case of a positive result the buyer is obliged to sterilize the cat to avoid it to reproduce.

       D - Once the sterilization / castration is carried out, the buyer must send photos / videos / proof of the                           operation to Tetyana Dovgalyova at sphynx.tv@hotmail.com.

       E - After presenting these tests the buyer is entitled to receive a cat of the same quality, price and sex of the cat                previously acquired.

       F - All expenses incurred by HCM tests, transportation and castration tests will be assumed by the buyer.


16 - In case of infertility of the acquired animal:


       An adult animal may be unable to procreate for the reasons: genetic problem and acquired diseases. The inability        of an animal for its reproduction must be established by a specialist doctor on animal reproduction (only                    competent specialists of the main clinics and laboratories that have official recognition at international level;            the choice of the specialist must be consulted with the breeder)

   - Inspection of reproduction includes:


       A - Study and examination and certificate of medical specialist.

       B - Cynological analysis of vaginal discharge.

       C - Ultrasound of the genitourinary system.

       D - Tests for the presence of chronic viral infections (FeLV, FIV, PIF, ureaplasmosis, chlamydia, mycoplasmosis,                toxoplasmosis, campylobacteriosis)

       E - The study of semen for males.

       In case of any genetic problem, the buyer must sterilize the cat and send the photos / videos to Tetyana                      Dovgalyova at sphynx.tv@hotmail.com. Then the buyer has the right to receive another animal with the same              quality, price and sex as the first one. All expenses incurred by medical study, castration and transportation of            animals are to be paid by the buyer.

17 - Genetic diseases. In case that the buyer detects a genetic disease that is incompatible with the cat´s life, during    1 year after buying it, it is obliged:


       A - report it to the breeder

       B - present the breeder photos / video of the cadaver. Present protocol of autopsy, report of autopsy, by means of          a disc and the pertinent veterinary documents that confirm the diagnosis. (Certificates are accepted only                    from competent specialists of the main clinics and laboratories that have official recognition at international              level , whose election must be previously approved by the breeder) Send to Tetyana Dovgalyova's email                        (sphynx.tv@hotmail.com)

       C - Then the buyer has the right to receive another animal with the same quality, price and sex as the first one. 

       D - All expenses related to veterinary tests and transportation are to be paid by the buyer.



18 - In case that the buyer does not want a substitute cat , the money of the purchased cat , of the veterinary                expenses or / and of the cats´ transport will not be refunded.


19 - Any image of cat purchased in Butterflies Sphynx hatchery used on the buyer's website or social networks like        FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM etc .. must be signed with the full name using Butterflies CATTERY  Affix

   (e.g. Butterflies  ABRAHAM).

20 - The breeder can not be responsible for the buyer;s desicion to purchase a cat our of their city or outside of their    country , for this reason the breeder never responsable for costs of transportation . 


21 - All warranties expire when obtaining the first litter .

22 - In case of confrontation, public scandal or defamation of the reputation of Butterflies Sphynx the buyer will not    receive the substitution / compensation.



23 - The buyer, when receiving the animal from the Butterflies Sphynx breeder, confirms that he understands, agrees      and accepts all the terms and regulations of this breeder, regardless of whether or not the contract is signed.

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